About TOPS - Airwave Solutions

About Terminal and Other Peripheral Suppliers (TOPS)

The TOPS (Terminal and Other Peripheral Suppliers) Forum is a support service for suppliers of radio terminal, data applications and control room equipment serving public safety organisations operating on the Airwave network.

The aim is to provide suppliers  with information  that will assist them in developing, testing and obtaining approval for terminals, products and/or services that are intended to operate seamlessly over our network.

TOPS members can access a library for technical documentation and specifications to enable them to supply products which are compatible and conform with the Airwave service. Meetings take place regularly between Airwave and TOPS members where suppliers can find out more about the development of Airwave services. No contractual arrangement exists between Airwave and the TOPS Forum member.


All TOPS Forum members receive:

  • General information on our current and planned services
  • Detailed technical information on our voice and data services and interfaces
  • Detailed information on TETRA terminal requirements and specifications for use on the network
  • Detailed process guides relating to the testing and Certification of terminals, data applications and control room equipment for use on the network.
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