Airwave Sustainability Report 2014/2015

Airwave believes that sustainability isn’t the burden on the bottom line of our organisation but in fact that it’s an opportunity. Airwave as an organisation can increase its efficiency by becoming more environment-friendly as this can provide greater resilience and raise performance levels.
Sustainability for us is about putting People, Planet and Partnership first by improving the social, environmental and economic impact of our business in the communities we serve. Airwave creates long term value for our customers, people and stakeholders by keeping sustainability at the heart of our business. We are inspired to lead the way in delivering a truly sustainable business and by developing new and exciting solutions for a safer more sustainable future.
Sustainable innovation aligns with Airwave’s SMART value for future development. We believe that to operate in today’s challenging times, organisations must work smarter. For us, part of working Smarter is about ensuring we operate sustainably and provide solutions for our customers that allow them to do the same. 

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