Transforming Data into safety in the moments that matter

Simplify your control room migration with Airwave Control Room Solution (Airwave CRS) which will transform your control room operations by combining mission-critical security and availability with on-demand capacity. An ESN compliant solution, Airwave CRS provides an integrated voice, data and multimedia communications hub that harnesses the power of the cloud to simplify control room IT management. That means increasing your operational flexibility, removing obsolescence and reducing risk.

Airwave Control Room Solution (Airwave CRS) offers a seamless transition for your control room as you move to the Emergency Services Network (ESN). It is available as software as a service (SaaS) and provides ongoing, enhanced communication functionality to meet the needs of the UK's emergency services.

During the upgrade to ESN your organisation needs continuity. You will want to protect against operational risks and maintain performance throughout the transition. Motorola Solutions Managed Services platform is tried and tested, supporting the mission-critical Airwave Network and ESN User Services. We have international experience in implementing public safety control room systems worldwide. So we understand the challenges the emergency services face. That insight has allowed us to develop Airwave CRS to meet your control room requirements.

With Airwave CRS you’ll save money, reduce risk, increase operational flexibility and stay one step ahead with the latest technology. And you’ll do it all with a single, integrated service.

Why not begin your control room transformation journey today with Motorola Solutions.