Introducing the P25 Solution Centre

by Press Office on 8th,March,2011

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Experience a customer driven, multi vendor network environment.

Airwave Solutions Australia has unveiled the P25 Solution Centre, an industry initiative with the aim of demonstrating to the Australian market the performance and maturity of the P25 open standard with equipment supplied by multiple vendors.

As a dedicated operator of critical government infrastructure, Airwave understands the importance of choosing the best and most compatible technology for an organisation. It is with this in mind that Airwave partnered with P25 industry equipment manufacturers and suppliers (including Tait Radio Communications, Harris, Auria Wireless, ComGroup Australia, RFI, ICOM and Zetron) to bring the P25 Solution Centre to market.

The P25 Solution Centre provides an environment that allows visitors to test and verify the equipment and applications from multiple vendors, and also confirm the value of the options available in the Australian P25 Communications market. This is made possible for customers through their participation in live demonstrations of equipment from multiple suppliers working together within an integrated environment as specified by the user as well as the ability to configure radios from different manufacturers, to then use on alternative manufacturers infrastructure – again as specified by the user.

Incorporating P25 radio and switching equipment, console equipment and RF systems from leading manufacturers, full time engineering support and direct access to participating manufacturers, the P25 Solution Centre will allow users to experience first hand a specified system in a real-life situation.

There are three ways to utilise the Centre. The first is a short overview aimed at Senior Managers detailing the features and functionality associated with vendor equipment. This is intended for those who wish to have a more thorough understanding of the type of equipment their organisation is interested in and to gain the confidence that the system they purchase will meet their requirements. The second provides an opportunity for Project Engineering teams to see how interoperability works. Aimed at those who may be interested in certain detailed functionality, these demonstrations involve the detailed configuration of specific testing or assurance activity. The third activity is aimed at customers who may wish to interconnect legacy equipment (consoles or RF equipment) or confirm the operation of new applications (e.g. GPS/AVL or data applications) and devices in a secure environment that does not compromise an operational network.

CEO of Airwave Solutions Australia Malcolm Keys sees this initiative as providing customers with a ‘hands on’ opportunity to confirm the compatibility and interoperability of terminals and infrastructure from a variety of manufacturers. “We are pleased to host the P25 Solution Centre. This endeavour represents a significant collaboration by the industry, to demonstrate the mature and open nature of P25 standards compatible equipment. Airwave and its parent organisation Broadcast Australia are proud to lend our experience, capability and resources to the Centre and look forward to working with both customers and manufacturers to demonstrate the innovation available in the local Australian marketplace.”

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