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Airwave's Pronto now available on BlackBerry®

Kelvin Connect (KC), an Airwave Group company, has announced that its Pronto software suite is now available for BlackBerry® smartphones.


Pronto is the world’s first fully-functional electronic notebook and information management solution for use in the police, criminal justice, health and social care sectors. The technology and business consultancy services transform and mobilise core business processes to enable more efficient use of resources both in the back-office and on the front line.


Nigel Rees, managing director of KC says: “We are working with our police customers to support their transformation ambitions and deliver cashable savings using Pronto, which works across a broad range of handheld, tablet and laptop devices. We are delighted to add the BlackBerry® solution to our offering, which gives our customers more choice and flexibility, while also ensuring that the data security and integrity of our solutions is a pre-requisite for our customers.


“KC has taken another major step in offering our customers a choice on device and operating system. We understand that different policing roles may require different capabilities, which is why our approach means that the device being used can be based on the need and role of the officer or member of staff. Our BlackBerry® development further enhances that choice and adds yet more breadth to our portfolio”.


Mike Gibson, UK director of enterprise sales at BlackBerry®, commented: “Over the past decade, our technology has played a significant role in revolutionising the working practices of the UK public sector, by driving greater workforce efficiencies, creating cost-savings and ultimately, helping to deliver a better public service. With a strong customer base which includes most of central government and over half of all police forces, the development of Pronto on BlackBerry smartphones will enable KC to continue to deliver economies of scale to an even broader customer base.”



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