We're always with you.

With a third of Airwave staff on call at any one time, we’re always ready to deal with the expected and the unexpected. Just like our customers, we’re prepared for any situation.

It's in our DNA.

When you work closely with the emergency services, you know exactly what they need: Reliable and multifunctional communications. There’s no compromise, just emergency communications that work.

When our customers need us, we’re always ready to respond

The safety of the people shall be the highest law.


When you don’t know what’s around the corner,
you need some things to be certain.

We aim to fix any faults on all our base stations within 4 hours…

…keeping our Network running when others fail…

…because it could mean the difference between life and death.

Mission-critical communication is like no other: it must be available anywhere, anytime. It must be responsive, clear and reliable and the service provider must always be ready to do what it takes to keep our emergency services communicating.

Placing mobile data in the hands of our customers…

…Airwave's Pronto has been implemented by a third of all police forces in Great Britain…

…significantly increasing back office efficiencies, leading to more time on the front line.

Meet the team who respond to you

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