Pronto Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care is a highly data-intensive industry within which the majority of professionals do not work at a desk. Data is collected using traditional forms and ad-hoc notes.

Sub-standard care and substantial cost can result from lost or illegible records. The roll-out of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems finally heralds the replacement of traditional paper-based systems but they will not function effectively without a completely mobile front-end.

Airwave’s Pronto e-notebook for delivers substantial improvements in operational effectiveness in addition to significant cost savings. It represents a complete IT system that can be configured to suit any clinical or administrative team and includes a PDA-based data capture element in addition to browser and server applications. In the advent of EPR systems, seamless, XML-based data transfer will enable Pronto to form an indispensable front-end, enabling fast, validated data entry at the point of care and completely avoiding the need to transcribe from paper forms.

In Community Nursing: Pronto has been successfully deployed with community nurses for some time and has brought considerable benefits in efficient data capture, the elimination of transcription and most data entry errors and in dramatically reducing the time taken to generate reports.

In General Hospitals: Pronto has been deployed in many hospitals to enable 'Hospital at Night' services to be implemented, enabling fast, efficient and accurate data to be collected at the point of care and this data to be efficiently handed-over to the next shift.


• Complete, mobile IT systems customised for specific disciplines
• No transcription from paper forms
• Clean, validated data collected at the point of care ensures consistently high-quality care
• Reporting time dramatically reduced
• A highly effective mobile front-end to EPR systems