The Emergency Button

Great Britain’s emergency services need a mission critical communications service that is there for them precisely when they need it. A service that they don’t need to think about when working on the front line because they know they can rely on it.

Every 6 minutes a police officer presses the emergency button to call for urgent assistance. It doesn’t matter where they are in the country, with a single press of that button, they get priority access, their microphone remains open and whatever is happening can immediately be heard by their colleagues along with GPS information about their exact location.

It is critical that their communications service is available in these potential life and death situations. The Airwave Emergency Services Network has been consistently delivering above 99.9% service availability over the past 5 years.

It is important to consider the effects of increasing instances of bad weather and natural disasters on network resilience requirements. Airwave provides national coverage with 7 days power resilience. With localised power outages looking like an increasingly likely scenario this is a very significant factor in resilience. Read more

Many of our customers rely on rural coverage. The Airwave Service covers 99% of mainland Great Britain and this coverage footprint has been validated by our engineers driving along every road to ensure service coverage. Read more