Merseyside Police signs up to Pronto

Airwave is delighted to announce that Merseyside Police has signed a four year contract to roll out Pronto, Airwave’s suite of mobile applications to over 3000 officers.

Merseyside Police’s move to paperless policing with Pronto will provide significant benefits for the force, enabling officers to spend less time filling in paperwork back at the station to more time visible in the community.

Airwave’s applications have been designed with the user in mind. Every element, from the usability of the application on the device, to the details on the forms within the application is considered in partnership with each customer. Pronto enables the electronic capture, use, storage and sharing of information, from initial contact with victims, witnesses and offenders through to information sharing with partners in the wider Criminal Justice System (CJS).

Merseyside has now joined 14 other police forces who have also taken a significant step on their journey towards digital policing.

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