Derbyshire Constabulary signs up to Airwave’s Pronto application suite


Move to smartphone-based policing apps will help police become more visible and efficient

Airwave, a Motorola Solutions company, is working in partnership with O2 to enable Derbyshire Constabulary to elevate the skills and capabilities of its officers and increase their time in the local community. In an effort to improve visibility and efficiency, Derbyshire Constabulary will equip 1,500 police officers with new smartphones and applications that transform paper-based tasks into efficient digital processes.

The smartphones will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent filling forms and will give officers access to Airwave’s Pronto suite of mobile applications, built around common policing processes. The applications will save valuable time by synchronising any information captured on the frontline with back office systems, dramatically reducing the form-filling process and allowing officers to process information anywhere and at any time.

A trial of this technology with a similar mid-sized force showed that the electronic processing of 60,000 witness statements saved an average of 27 minutes and £42 per statement. Further time and cost savings are also achieved through the reduced error rate, because Pronto applications contain purpose-built electronic forms with mandatory fields, which ensure data is entered in the correct format first time every time.

“This is the next generation of the familiar police paper notebook,” said Assistant Chief Constable Chris Haward of Derbyshire Constabulary. “Instead of travelling to and from the police station to enter information into systems from paper notebooks, the officers can send and receive information directly from the frontline.”

“Our aim is to help our officers become more flexible than ever before, reducing the number of hours they spend in the office and making sure their time is being used in the most valuable way.” 

Phil Jefferson, Motorola Solutions’ sales vice president in UK & Ireland, said: “We’re delighted that Derbyshire Constabulary has chosen Airwave and Pronto to be part of their mobility strategy. More than a third of UK police forces are now reaping the rewards of the Pronto application suite, which is taking a central role in unlocking the potential of technology in modern policing.”

Steve Norris, Managing Partner of O2’s Criminal Justice and Emergency Services Practice, said: “Derbyshire Constabulary is forward thinking and this partnership is an excellent example of how collaboration and connectivity can enable true flexibility and efficiency cost savings through streamlined work processes. The new smartphones and applications will have a positive impact not only on the force but the community too.”