Aik Saath set to work on a business challenge supported by Airwave

Aik Saath, a Slough-based charity dedicated to supporting young peacemakers, has kicked off a business/ social enterprise challenge supported by local business, Airwave.

‘Unleash the power of your potential’ is a six-week business challenge which will see teams from Aik Saath develop ideas over the summer holidays with the potential to of being implemented in the local community to deliver positive social change.

According to Rob Deeks from Aik Saath: “Our members will be divided into teams and they will start off the challenge by coming up with a team name and team logo. Each member will choose a specific role, such as project leader, finance, sales and marketing and with the help of Airwave mentors, learn new skills.

The teams will be given business-themed tasks designed to test their skills in the areas of salesmanship, negotiation, leadership, teamwork and organisation.

“An example of an idea that has already been suggested is the development a phone application (app) that links volunteering services in Slough to employees in the area who are keen to give up some of their spare time. The app could even generate revenue through advertising opportunities – the ideas are limitless,” adds Rob.

Over the six weeks the teams will be supported with weekly mentoring sessions with Airwave which will cover topics such as writing a business plan, presentation skills and a general overview of business practices.

The challenge will conclude with each team giving a presentation to Airwave on their idea, which will be judged on team work, presentation skills, financial viability and quality. The winning team will then enjoy a trip with Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart into London to see the House of Commons.